Nutri-Go Eliminating food deserts one delivery at a time

Okay, so what is this?

This is Nutri-Go, a company about eliminating food deserts in poverty stricken areas at no cost.

So what is our goal?

Nutri-Go's goal is essentially to eliminate food desert in poverty stricken ares all around the world with the help of volunteers. We want to bring healthy, nutrient filled foods and produce to areas that lack access to these types of resources. with your help we can do it!

What are the benefits

All round Benefits! Our program provide citizens with easier access to healthier foods without the hassel of paying shipping which will increase health condiitons for lower income communities. Essentially, our organization will assist in eliminating class inequalities, and will benefit the economy.

The Problem of food deserts.

what is a food desert

Food deserts according to the USDA is defined as parts of the country that is "vapid" of fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Due to the lack of Grocery stores in low poverty urban areas, there is a growing representation of small corner stores that supply heavily processed food instead giving leeway to our nation's epidemic of obesity.